Wednesday, February 11, 2015

(first) Beach day (of 2015)

 Hi, hi! Yup, I'm alive. It's a miracle, I know. :)
I haven't done one of these photo diaries in a while, so I thought I'd post todays photos.. It was such a nice day, felt like spring..
Had to get away from people and the internet and my room for a while, so a beach day with Baby is always the perfect solution. 3 hours of walking and playing with her, and I feel like a new woman.
It's funny just how weird people are. Always complicating things, and making them even harder than they already are - at least I do that, sometimes. And then something as simple and basic as seeing your dog happy - makes your whole day better.
I love that little donut. :)

Gotta run, dance class tonight! Woot! :)
(Promise I won't be gone for another 5 months.)
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Golden hours.

Hiiii, loves! I'm back!
Sorry for missing from the blog, yet again. We moved to a new apartment last week and we still don't have an internet connection here. I will work on getting that soon, but untill then - I may be a little unregular with posting. 
I'm loving the new place so far! There's a lot more room and light, and the bedroom is sunny literally all day long.. For me that makes all the difference! Though I liked the old house, after 4 years, it's nice to have a little change.. No one likes a rut. ;)
I gotta say we're having the most wonderful fall yet. It's still so warm and sunny, but the breeze is making it perfect. I hope this last for at least a month! Aida and I took these the other day around 5 pm and the light was just gorgeous. I wish we took more photos but my camera was "exausted"! So dramatic. 
Gotta run for now, but check back tommorow, as I am scheduling another post right now!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

T-shirt dress.

First of all, can we all see that Jesus blessed me with his light in the photo above?! Yes? Ok, moving on. :)
Terranova also blesses us all with some pretty insane sales every season. Even though I'm not really a fan of that shop, I did find a few good pieces there that I still love and wear, even after a few years. The quality is generally not the greatest, but there are always exceptions. This dress is one of those lucky finds for me. And yes, that is indeed a dress. Even though most people just try to convince me I walked out in a plain men's shirt. Which is not a bad thing, eighter. But just saying. :)
I got this dress for 2 dollars. And even though I bought 4 other dresses on that day, all costing more than that one, of course this is the one I wore the most. I think it has definitely been my most worn item of this summer. It's easy and breezy, in every sense of the word. :)
And though I do like to dress up ocassionaly,  this is how I'm most comfortable and feel like my true self. I wish I felt like my true self in Choo heels and a tight sequined dress, but nope.. Sneakers and a t-shirt dress it is. :)
I hope you have a happy friday, loves! :) 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A hundred ways to wear all white.

I am kind of mocking myself with that title, yes. :) I did just posted an outfit post wearing all white, and right now it seems like the only look that I go for. But I can't help it, I love it. Especially now, when it's warm enough to still wear summer clothes, but we're saying goodbye to it. I do wear all white during the winter months as well, but tanned skin makes all the difference! So I gotta use the little time (and tan) I got left. :)
These pants are a bit big on me, because they were a gift, so I feel like they're not too flattering on my body. But I still enjoy wearing them... And even though they say you should only wear what suits you.. It's ok to break to rules sometimes, right? I think so.
Well, I'm off to enjoy this lovely wednesday! 

p.s. I've just read this article with a bunch of amazing advices by amazing ladies! 
I was thinking of sharing links and blogs with you, whenever I come across something great that I feel everyone could enjoy! So I hope this one inspires you - 15 CAREER TIPS FROM SMART WOMEN

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Monday, September 15, 2014

All white, every day.

Good morning, loves!
I was going through my photo roll the other day, and I noticed I almost always have a white top on. I am not sure what it is, because it is not concious, but aparently I am really drawn to that "color". There's something so fresh and cool about it.
Since I love to be in white so much, yesterday's look was just perfect to me. This whole look is basically a definition of my style. 
Show some legs to keep it girly, but add chucks and an oversized men's shirt to add a boyish charm. At least I hope it's charming. :D I am sure most people just think I ruin perfectly good outfits. Whatchu gonna do... ;)

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