Friday, September 19, 2014

T-shirt dress.

First of all, can we all see that Jesus blessed me with his light in the photo above?! Yes? Ok, moving on. :)
Terranova also blesses us all with some pretty insane sales every season. Even though I'm not really a fan of that shop, I did find a few good pieces there that I still love and wear, even after a few years. The quality is generally not the greatest, but there are always exceptions. This dress is one of those lucky finds for me. And yes, that is indeed a dress. Even though most people just try to convince me I walked out in a plain men's shirt. Which is not a bad thing, eighter. But just saying. :)
I got this dress for 2 dollars. And even though I bought 4 other dresses on that day, all costing more than that one, of course this is the one I wore the most. I think it has definitely been my most worn item of this summer. It's easy and breezy, in every sense of the word. :)
And though I do like to dress up ocassionaly,  this is how I'm most comfortable and feel like my true self. I wish I felt like my true self in Choo heels and a tight sequined dress, but nope.. Sneakers and a t-shirt dress it is. :)
I hope you have a happy friday, loves! :) 

But before I go, a great blog I want to recommend to you - Jen is an adorable mommy of 3 that enjoys organizing and crafting (WHO DOESN'T am I right?? :)) and she shares all those amazing ideas on her blog! It's really inspiring and it will make you want to do a bunch of projects with her & make your life and living space prettier! So definitely check her out! :)
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stay at home club.

Some of you may have seen that I started drawing again! I took a really long break and had a long period of feeling completely uninspired. And for me, no drawing means = just not a happy period of my life.
So I'm thankful that whatever it was, it's passed and I'm back to creating. This year I've been using watercolors and chalk mostly, so I thought I'd go back to trying digital art again. 
These two ladies are drawn on my Wacom Bamboo tablet and that is just the biggest fun ever! You have this one pen and it has every size of a brush you could ever want, in any color and any shape.. It's pure magic, really! :) 
I'm doing a bunch of ladies that are enjoying their time at home. Because you know I'm the biggest homebody and love nothing more than some good old me time.

Also, a new project and goal for this fall is to learn how to knit! It seems really relaxing and I'm an old grandma at heart so I really want to give it a go! Starting with lessons with my mum really soon! I'm excited already. *no geek jokes, ok?*
If you would like to keep up with my illustrations, I usually post them as soon as I'm done on my instagram account, so follow along for that! :)
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

there's something tragic about you, something so magic about you.

There are just no words to express how deep is my love for Hozier.
His voice makes me want to cry, every single time I hear him. Been listening to this song this entire day. He kills me. In the best way possible. Best music discovery in years.
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A hundred ways to wear all white.

I am kind of mocking myself with that title, yes. :) I did just posted an outfit post wearing all white, and right now it seems like the only look that I go for. But I can't help it, I love it. Especially now, when it's warm enough to still wear summer clothes, but we're saying goodbye to it. I do wear all white during the winter months as well, but tanned skin makes all the difference! So I gotta use the little time (and tan) I got left. :)
These pants are a bit big on me, because they were a gift, so I feel like they're not too flattering on my body. But I still enjoy wearing them... And even though they say you should only wear what suits you.. It's ok to break to rules sometimes, right? I think so.
Well, I'm off to enjoy this lovely wednesday! 

p.s. I've just read this article with a bunch of amazing advices by amazing ladies! 
I was thinking of sharing links and blogs with you, whenever I come across something great that I feel everyone could enjoy! So I hope this one inspires you - 15 CAREER TIPS FROM SMART WOMEN

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HAIR TALK : How to remove color from your hair!

So, you might have seen on my social media accounts that I dyed my hair pink on friday. I have been wanting pink hair since I saw Pink's "You make me sick" video. That was in 2000, if you're not familiar with it. So I bought the dye, and I had it for a few months now. Then on friday, I was bored and I kept thinking how life is too short to be thinking about stupid things like that so much. So I said to myself, just do it! And I did. I went to the bathroom and I dyed my hair pink.
I got exactly the color that I wanted, everything worked out well, all my girlfriends really liked it, but.. I didn't.
As soon as I had that hair, I wanted it gone. :)
I honestly don't know why or what that was. All I can really say for myself is that I'm a woman. We are weird and we change our minds a lot and sometimes we think we want something, but we really don't. And that's ok. :)
The reason I'm writing this post is the fact that I know I can't be alone on this. I'm sure a lot of you have tried different things with your hair and ended up hating it. It's just what us women do.. 

Thankfully, the internet is my best friend so I quickly found a way to make the color go away.
If you happen to use Manic Panic or other colorful brands, and you don't like the shade you got, or want to strip your current color to go for another crazy color, this works. But even if you got a shade of brown that's too dark for you, or any color at all, that you're not happy with, you can try this. I've also read it works for red shades, and we all know how hard it is to get reds out of your hair!

So, all you need is a dandruff shampoo and a few hours of your free time. 
I took a photo of my hair before and after so you can see how much of the color I was able to strip down in just one afternoon.

I soaked my hair with very warm water for a couple of minutes so the hair would open, washed it all with a generous amount of dandruff shampoo, I squeezed out the foam and then I've put my hair up in a bun and covered it with a plastic bag (you can use a shower cap if you have one!) On the site that I found, they were suggesting that you heat your hair with a hair dryer for a few minutes, but I skipped that step. I left the shampoo on my head for 20 minutes, and then I rinsed that off with very warm water again. Then I washed it again using a good amount of dandruff shampoo, squeezed the foam off, and covered my hair with a plastic bag again. I left that on for 20 minutes and repeated the same process, you get the point. I did that 5 times. 
You can do it 2 or 3 times, depending on how satisfied you are with the results, but I did that for 5 times, and then I also washed my hair twice at the end. 

If you search the internet, a lot of other options are available. But mostly the include bleach and developers and what not. And that is not something I want to put my hair through..
As you can see on the photo on the right, it pretty much almost completely washed off the pink dye. My hair is blonde again, and even though it has a little bit of a warm, peachy tint to it, it's nothing too horrible. For that little bit of color, I can be patient untill it washes off by itself in time.
Besides, I've always wanted to try the strawberry blonde. :)
So there you go, I hope you don't need this advice at all, but if you ever do - you now know how to get the color out of your hair.
And just a little side note. The dandruff shampoo is obviously a bad, evil thing when it can do things like these, so don't use it on a regular basis. And if you end up going through this process, just make sure you condition your hair really well after. I had a coconut oil mask in for 2 hours after all the washing. It helped my hair to feel and look normal again. Just keep that in mind!And good luck! :)
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