Friday, December 12, 2014

Easiest chocolate muffins recipe

You may notice that these are the same muffins from my last sleepover post. I wanted to share a recipe because they're the most simple (yet delicious) chocolate muffins you could make! You don't need to wait for any butter to melt, for the eggs to be on a room temperature, you don't have to whisk eggs separately.. None of that complicated stuff. You only need a few ingridients and they turn out to be really big and fluffy! These are really easy and quick to make, which is why they're perfect for when you have friends over unexpectedly or you're just in the mood for something cake-y but you need it fast. :)

What you'll need :
1 egg
1 cup of milk
3/4 cups of olive (or any) oil
3/4 cups of caster sugar
2 cups of all purpose flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
pinch of salt
3/4 cups of cocoa poweder
some Nutella or any spread of that sort

How to make :
First, you combine all the "wet", liquid ingridients. So put the egg, milk, oil and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Mix that untill it's all combined. On top of that, add flour, baking powder, sugar and cocoa and then mix that all together untill you get a smooth batter. 
Heat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit (or 180 celzius) and in the meantime, put a table spoon in each hole on the muffin tray. Then add a tea spoon of Nutella, and top that with another table spoon of the batter. This batter makes 12 big muffins if you use these measurments. 
Bake for 20 minutes. While they're still hot, add another tea spoon of Nutella on top and voila! Enjoy the muffins and getting fatter! ;) :P

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Girls night in

These two have been my best friends my whole life and they are the ones who know me best and being with them is always my favorite time. I wouldn't trade them for anything.
In the words of the great Beyonce... 

“I love my husband, but there’s nothing like a conversation with a woman who understands you,” she said. “I grow so much from those conversations. I need my sisters.”

p.s. I just wanna add, we usually dress way better. haha
this was a "pajama - around the house kinda thing. ok, bye. 
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Talk talk talk. (+ current favorites)

Hello, friends! :)
I got nothing prepared for today. Mainly because I have barely been out of the house in the past few days. But I thought I'd come here and just talk to you anyway, if that's alright.
I gotta say, I haven't been feeling like myself lately. We all have bad days/periods in life, but I've always been pretty optimistic no matter what's going on, and I would approach whatever comes at me with a sense of humor - and it would somehow just be alright. I am, in a way, still trying to do that and I guess, I still may be more joyful than most people... But this time, the funk seems like it's here to stay. 
The good news is, I can use it as my fuel. I believe every artist would agree that bad times make him (even more) creative. You gotta feel a little pain to be able to create something, to get something out of you. Kind of like giving birth, I guess. It hurts like a mother f***er, but you're left with this beautiful creature and it makes you so proud that you did that. It came out of you.
I probably should not compare giving birth to creating art, or anything else in life, for that matter. :D I'm sure all the moms out there are rolling their eyes (or something worse?) at me right now. :) I just mean to say, the process is kind of similiar. 
Everything that hurts us in life makes us better, bigger and more beautiful in the end.
I'm hoping it will happen for me, too, after I escape this.

But for now, it's making me write a ton, and for that, I am grateful. I'm hoping to collect all the poems and stories I've been writing and put them all in one place, make a little book of it. If not for anyone else to see, just for myself. 

But, on to something more fun.. I'm gonna talk about my current favorites now! 
All the things I've been loving and want to share with you lovely people. 

Favorite photos of the week 

a powerful message regarding all the horrible things that have been going on in the US  // just fell in love with that tiger //self portrait by Diana Scamolla  // Pablo Picasso paints with light, by Life magazine, 1949. 
(all discovered on tumblr, as most great things on the internet :))

Favorite movie : Boyhood
There's something so real and pure and wonderful and sad about this movie, it's really hard to put into words. I watched it and it shook me so much harder than I have expected. It instantly became one of my favorite movies, ever. The movie was shot for 12 years, so you can actually see the little boy grow into a man, along with all the other actors getting older.  It feels very intimate and it's sort of like that feeling you get after watching a tv show for years - you feel like you know the characters. I'm not gonna tell you much about it, but it's so worth seeing and I think it will definitely, if nothing else, make you think about life a little. Plus, did I say Ethan Hawke was in it? He's been one of my favorite actors for years, always a pleasure to watch him. 

Favorite artist : Kerrie Hess
This Australian fashion illustrator I've just recently found on instagram, and stalked her all the way to her first of thousand photos on it. :) All of her illustrations are very glamourous, beautiful, dreamy, pink and very feminine. I check her instagram every day for new posts and I'm just in love with her talent. Definitely check her out. Chanel hired her, so you know she's a big deal. 

Favorite blog : Paris in four months 
Carin's blog has been one of my favorite ones for a long time. A girl spends a few months in Paris, falls in love with it and decides to go back and live there - and writes about the whole thing? Who wouldn't love it. It's a fantasy I think most women have and I know I live through her beautiful photography and am loving it. Paris is amazing, but my first and biggest love has always been New York. I sadly still haven't seen it in person. & That's why I appreciate when someone can capture it on photographs as well as Carin does. It really makes you feel like you've been there, in some way. Her latest posts about New York covered in snow are just pure perfection to me and I could look at them for hours. :)

Favorite instragram : Daddyissues

I came across a few intstagrams the other night (daddyissues_ , girlwithnojob and thefatjewish) and I literally cried from laughter till 2am. Most of the things that they post are weird and stupid but I find them so hilarious. And so relatable! I do appreciate good photography and quality content the most on instagram, as I'm trying to only use it to be inspired.. But I gotta say, I've been cracking up with their posts - and whatever makes you smile - you gotta cherish it. ;)

Favorite human : Cameron
I actually wanna rename that to my favorite soul. :) Cameron is a new friend of mine, I found him on tumblr some time ago, and got completely obsessed with his art. After I stalked his blog, I followed him on his instagram, too, and saw that taking photos is another huge talent he's been blessed with. We started talking a while ago, and realized we were basically separated at birth. :D We have the same taste in movies, music, the same opinions on most things, same sense of humor, we really get each other and express ourselves extremely similiar. It's actually kind of creepy. But, creatively, he's been a huge inspiration lately (infact, my latest painting is my interpretation of his poem) and whenever I come across someone as talented as him.. I don't know how to explain it. It's so rare and it makes me feel so hopeful and motivated. Not a lot of people (that I meet) have such a beautiful and artistic soul. I feel really blessed to have met him.

Favorite artist : James Bay
Even more rare than meeting people I'm fascinated with, is finding musicians I love; completely. I will like some songs, but very rarely will I like every single thing that comes out of that artist's mouth. The last two that won my heart completely were Paolo Nuttini and Hozier. 
Now, it's too early to put James in their company (he should probably buy me dinner first) but I gotta say, he's amazingggggg. I have been listening to him for days and I can't get enough. 
Which leads me to my current Favorite song : If you ever want to be in love. 
After I heard that song, I knew I'm getting all of his music. 

Time is slipping by
Always thinking 'bout the two of us
Replay on my mind
Always playing on my mind

I'll come around
If you ever want to be in love
I'm not waiting, but I'm willing if you call me up
If you ever want to be in love
I'll come around

I think that's enough information for one post :) so I'm gonna run now. Definitely give James a listen, watch Boyhood, check out those amazing blogs, get tumblr if you haven't (it's the biggest source of inspiration, and nowdays even knowledge and news) and let me know if you have some favorites I should check out! 
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

This girl is a teddy bear.

This camera. Boy, oh boy. Shooting at night time is hard with any camera, I suppose, but Aida and I took 50 photos to get these 10. Crazy. I still haven't figured it out, but we're both trying and are very patient. :) So hopefully, it'll get better. That aside, the sky was so amazing last night and it made for a perfect backdrop.
Some guys on the street told me I look like a teddy bear. I thought it was cute. :)
That teddy bear fluffy jacket under my leather one is amazing, so warm! It's the best substitute I could find for my blanket onesie I wear around the house. I wish I could just go out in my jammies and slippers. Why isn't that a thing yet? :)

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Style inspiration : best outfits of the week

I don't know about you, but most of  my time spent online constists of looking at pretty clothes and pretty girls. :) I'm sure we're all on the same boat here... 

Had quite a few outfit crushes this week, from all over the world. 
I absolutely love the trend of these giant scarfs, love how they pull the whole look together so nicely! I wanna get one in a nice bright color like lime yellow or a soft pink, maybe.. Fearne has been one of my style crushes for years, love how casual and effortless this combo with jogging pants and leopard booties is! Reminds me to take risks. ;)
When it comes to Solange, she can do no wrong in my eyes (nope, not even if she slaps Jay ;)) and I am in love with everything she wears. I always kind of see her as real life Carrie Bradshaw. She always has the coolest shoes, best dresses, and mixes the colors so fiercely! 
And then, Kim. Anyone who knows me, knows I love everything Kim K. Her makeup is flawless at all times, and 98% of the time, her outfits are, too. But this one in particular has to be my favorite one in a long time! So sexy and it makes her look so slim and tiny! Love the color pallete, too..
I still haven't found a pair of good boyfriend jeans and it mainly because they're usually so unflattering on the booty.. And I take my booty very seriously. :) I don't want it to look like it's been slapped with a shovel. But, I do adore these looks you can see down there, and how they both tucked in their sweaters.. So cute!
Plaid is always in trend during fall/winter, but I rarely ever wear it. However, the two outfits I showed you I'm completely obsessed with! The jogging pants and the big scarf with a leopard beanie just look so fun and chic. (I've been looking for that beanie in H&M for 2 years, and still haven't found it.. If you see a similiar one, please let me know!)
And finally, my favorite, favorite look of the week goes to Stephanie! All black, leather jacket.. Sounds predictable and overdone, but she made it look SO good. With the long skirt and the gypsy jewelery.. Ahh, it's just a dream and I wanna wear that every day! :)

These were my favorite looks in the last few days.. I hope some of them inspired you to get dressed up all nicely today. I know I always get a kick in the butt when I see all those ladies looking amazing. ;)

Photos taken from (in that order) :

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