Saturday, April 12, 2014

Love is blind.

And so am I. :) 
So, today I finally got new glasses! I've actually had glasses for 6 years already, but I never wear them because they're too wide on me, and all scratched up.. So I had to get new ones as soon as possible.
I tried a bunch of them, and most didn't fit my face because I have a really small head. At the same time, I wanted bigger, geeky glasses this time around.. So we finally found these, which are geeky, but still small enough to not eat up my entire face! I reallllly like them!
They make me look smart. Finally a good representation of who I truly am. :P :D haha
(The second photo are stills from a video I recorded for Amanda.. People were right, I really do make faces & move my hands a lot when I talk.. :D Oops!)
And.. I know this blogging-once-in-a-blue-moon thing is annoying and lame as hell.. I'm trying to post at least a little & just let you guys know what's going on anyway. I feel like something is better than nothing..  I guess! I was thinking about quiting the blog all together.. But, in long term, I don't really want that. I just have things that are more important and interesting to me than my blog right now.. So please, bare with me.. While I get my mojo back. :D
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pastel pink hairrrrrrrr

 Ok, so I've spent the entire Manic Panic dye and got this result. :D I was actually going for fully pink hair.. But I forgot I have a TON of hair, and it would take me at least 3 or 4 tubes to get my entire head.. If even that.
So I've tried to put it on the bottom half, as evenly as I could.
My mum was begging me to make it streaky and subtile and more ombre-ish, and as light as I can.. So I guess at least her wish came true. Witch. :D

But to be fair, I do love this pastel version, too.. And will definitely be enjoying it for a while... Untill I find a good, powerful color that will make me completely pink. 
My mum can put spells on me all she wants, I'm gonna do it. :D
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chasing the lights

Someone on tumblr wrote exactly what I've been feeling for years. Never could explain it with words, to anyone. 
"I have always had this obsession with the light that comes through my house in the morning. Since I was a freshmen in high school I was always setting up my breakfast near a window and trying to take a cool photo (what I thought was cool) before leaving. Im pretty certain I was the only 15 year old in my town that got excited to go home and take pictures in my kitchen because I knew the light would be perfect. Now many years later I still find myself waking up earlier than necessary doing the same thing. It’s a funny thing to do and I’m not sure I could ever fully explain to someone why you would feel the urge to do so.
I just think if you know, you know….. you know?"

& That's exactly it. If you know, you know. :) If you don't, I must sound like a lunatic to you right now. But that perfect light, made that moment perfect. It turned "nothing" into a memory. It feels so comforting and endless to watch that light. I just love it more than most things in life. Ha.
I found these photos, on my instagram, and they all show how much I chase those lights. And also, my legs. :D Which is strange, but hey..
In that last photo, I remember I was listening to Lana Del Rey's Diet Mountain Dew with Tomi and Baby sleeping next to me on a summer afternoon and I was just so happy and in love in that moment. 
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Sunday vibes

 Today was the perfect relaxed sunday. Aida and I drank tea in the morning, while watching The heat and then some episodes of True detective. (I kinda made her watch it 'cause I just want the excuse to watch it yet again. :))
After that I did some painting, which I loved because I had this new golden paint to try on.. Love how these two turned out! We had a little barbeque in the backyard.. And our turtle came outttttt! I fed her and washed her house.. Was just so happy she came out! Ha! I was waiting for her for days.
That means warm weather is here to stay. ;) (I sound like I'm 10 years old, I know.. But things like this excite me, sorry.)

Now Tomi and I will watch The heat as well, but I don't mind since I thought the movie was too funny. And I also think Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress. Yeah, I think so. 
Hope your weekend went well! Mwahhh!
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